Search Tips

By default, WordSearchLabs will search the title, and words/clues for anything matching your query. Searches are case insensitive. But WordSearchLabs also has some advanced search operators you can use for better searching.

Quick Examples

+title:animals +created:[2020-10-01 TO 2020-10-31]
Find word searches with "animals" in the title, that were created during October, 2020

corpus:"milton friedman" -economics
Find word searches with a word or clue containing the exact phrase "milton friedman", but nothing in the word search mentions "economics".

corpus:(milton friedman) +created:[2020-01-01 TO *]
Find word search with "milton" or "friedman" in any word/clue (with a preference for word search containing both terms) that were created after the beginning of 2020.

"milton friedman"
Find word searche containing the exact phrase "Milton Friedman".

milton friedman +size:[50 TO *]
Find word searches containing the words milton or friedman (with a preference for word searches containing both terms) that have 50 or more words/clues.

Should, Must and Must Not

You are probably used to using boolean operators like AND, OR and NOT for doing searches. WordSearchLabs uses different operators + (MUST) and - (MUST NOT). A space is implicit for the SHOULD operator.


sin cos tan
At least one of those terms must be in the word search, with a preference for word searches that include more matching terms. These terms are implicitly joined with a space (which is the SHOULD operator).

Milton +Friedman
The term "Friedman" must be in the word search somewhere, with a preference for word searches that mention "Milton" too.

Economics economy -Friedman
Find word searches that mention economics or economy that don't mention "Friedman" at all.

You can also use parentheses for grouping.

Economics economy -(Friedman Hayek)
Find word searches that mention economics or economy that don't mention "Friedman" nor "Hayek" at all.

Field Specific Searches (title, corpus, created, size)

title:(american history) searches for word searches that have "american" or "history" in the title. The parentheses are required if you enter multiple words. Without parentheses, title:american history would find word searches with "american" in the title, or "history" anywhere within the word search.

corpus:"como se llama" finds word searches with that exact phrase in any of the words/clues (the corpus field encompasses every word/clue).

created:[2020-10-31 TO *] finds word searches created on or after Halloween 2020.

created:{2020-10-31 TO 2020-12-31] finds word searches created after Halloween 2020, but before the new year (use {} for exclusive ranges, and [] for inclusive ranges).

size:[50 TO 100] finds word searches with 50 to 100 clues (inclusive).