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Well, what are you doing on this page? You can't reset a password for an account that does not exist! Most people who use WordSearchLabs don't pay for an account because I offer so much for free already (you're welcome). Since you never paid for an account, just go to your puzzle URL to manage your puzzle.
So, what's the problem?

Try every email address you have ever used.
There is no limit to the number of email addresses you can check, so try them all.
You need to prove you are the rightful owner.
The burden of proof is on you. I will NEVER reset a password just because you ask nicely. I operate under the assumption that you are trying to hijack an account.

Acceptable evidence of account ownership includes:
  1. the receipt
  2. card fingerprint (card type, last 4, and expiration date)
  3. some public record of your old and new email addresses (on a school website, for example)
Email your convincing evidence to:
Talk to your email administrator
Check your spam folder, and "all mail" just in case it was caught by a filter. If the email did not make it there, ask your email administrator to locate the email (it was definitely sent). WordSearchLabs sends emails from a clean IP address (that only I use), publishes a valid SPF records on its domain, and uses DKIM to sign emails. I can't make my emails any better.

If your email admin can't figure it out (and you made a good faith effort to get them to resolve the issue), click the "I lost access to my account email address" button just above this paragraph.
Check for typos (it's more common than you think)
Autocomplete will happily plug in a typo'd address over and over again. You're going to be embarrassed when I have to tell you "scool" is not how you spell it.
I suppose I can play detective for you.
It is your job to provide sufficient information to help me locate the account. I need:
  1. the invoice
  2. email addresses you may have used
  3. URLs to puzzles you created using your account
My ability to find your account is limited by what you provide. Send the information to:
Easy fix
Email me (from the non typo'd address, obviously), and include the typo'd email address (I assume you know it), the receipt if you have it (or the card type, expiration and last 4 digits), and the approximate date of your registration.