Word Search Labs is–yet another–simple web application built by Matt Johnson. Email me if you have a question or comment (but please read the FAQs below before you do).


Does your app remove randomly generated bad words from the word search?

Yes. You can see a list of bad words here. Contact me if you wish to add more bad words.

Does Word Search Labs support languages other than English?

Kind of. You can put words from any language in your word search. However, the program picks letters from the English alphabet to fill in the blank spaces in the word search. It will be pretty obvious where the words are if you use a language that doesn't have some subset of the English letters A-Z in it (like Chineese).

Contact me if you want better support for other languages. If there is enough demand, I will fix it.

Can I use the word search on my website or publication?

Yes. No attribution is required (but is always appreciated).

Does it work on the iPad?

No. If you want it to, email me. If there is enough demand, I'll add iPad support.